130903_Plowbuilding_Exterior 01-2.jpg

Exterior view from the corner of East Reno Avenue and Oklahoma Avenue.

09120_REP-016 MarketingTech Pack - Revised DRAFT 01.pdf

Exterior view of west elevation.


Interior view of east bay entry with office.

130828_REP-013 Desing Concepts Presentation-1.pdf

Interior view of a typical office floor.


Interior view of the fifth floor.

DDPLOW- Updated-131018.pdf

Interior view of the fifth floor with sawtooth.


The Plow is a 5 story building that has high ceilings and is a flexible space filled with large windows.

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The building is 48,640 ft2 and each level of the building is 9,728 ft2. Each level can be broken up into spaces as small as 750 ft2.

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